Welcome to RoundDuckMan's website!

Under Construction, ish.

I guess I didn't do too much with the site as I thought I was going to do. It's 2019 after all, one year later. More than one year later. Well, I did say "no promises," eh?
But anyways, one year later, and I still don't have much of a site. That said there may be changes coming real soon, as I may begin to start blogging about GSoC, if I get chosen for the Debian Patch Porting System project. I'm not too confident though, but I'd like to try for it at least. To apply for the project, I had to make a web/patch crawler, which is over on Github. It was a PITA to make, I never made one before. :P So I did something more than just browsing Reddit, woo! :D
As I said though, big changes may be coming. If I get picked when May comes around, I'm going to start revamping the site into a normal blog, and then start covering my GSoC progress.
It'll, be certainly interesting for sure.