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The old crappy blog is no longer located at https://roundduckman.neocities.org/old.html

DECEMBER 23 UPDATE: "The old crappy blog" is dead. The content was worthless, and I'd like to start anew. Especially considering I failed my lofty goals, and I want to let the past go away. (sounds like a certain recent film, shhh) Also sorry for no new updates, I didn't want to deal with this site, I wasn't super encouraged to program (might start to again though, considering it's Christmas break for me...) and I was busy with high school. Fuck college writing. W131 can die in a hole for all I care. >:(

Yeah I know I'm kinda blogging on an "under construction" page. Fuck it, it's Neocities for fuck's sake.

EDIT: Also changed image, a burning "under construction" logo sucks. Not "under construction"-y enough. :P

January 4 UPDATE: There is an experimental page where progress can be seen at https://roundduckman.neocities.org/dev.html. So far barely anything is on there (actually nothing at the moment of this writing), but I'm thinking about having development continue in progress. In the meantime, while this top page will continue to exist until dev.html is finished to replace index.html, I will be finally adding new minor blog entries below to at least place some shit on here. They'll be ported over to the new dev.html when ready. I'm hoping also to back out of a traditional blog-only format, and start having other pages, for experiments, links (like to itch.io for games), information about me, and other stuff. I'm hoping to learn enough to finally do something interesting here rather than gaming on Steam for once.